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Easy snacks

One of the attractions of snack foods is that it's easy. Part of allowing kids freedom with food is making nutritious food as easy or easier than "junk" food. Don't buy snacky food you don't like unless someone has asked for it. Keep it up high or in the back of the refrigerator and the nutritious food in easy reach.


Sandra Dodd has an ever expanding collection on Food. Specific ideas of what to offer can be found at Monkey Platters and Protein Ideas For Picky Kids.


Since I've let go of food choices, I've noticed his behavior getting worse in terms of his frustration levels.


Deb Lewis

Are you making snack trays for him? Do you take him food when he's playing or otherwise busy? Help him get something to eat before he's hungry and frustrated. Help him get good food when he needs/wants it. If the only foods easily available to him when he wants a snack are Fruit Loops, then that's what he'll eat. If there are many foods available foods he likes then you can be sure he's really choosing what he wants instead of what's easiest.


Dylan doesn't eat meat or cheese or eggs. Some snacks I make for him:


  • Fruit tray

  • Crackers with humus or baba ganoush or olive tapenade

  • Crackers with peanut butter

  • Peanut butter and jelly sandwiches

  • Bean burritos

  • Rice and beans

  • Teriyaki Tofu cubes

  • Thai noodles with peanuts

  • A bowl of mixed nuts or trail mix


I try to make sure there's fruit and snacks on the counter, visible, and several options in the fridge. I offer food frequently and I take him food and a drink if he's busy doing something and I know it's been awhile since he's eaten.



Pam Sorooshian


  • Fruit is ALWAYS tastier when somebody else has sliced it up for us.

  • Spend the extra money to get really tasty good fruit - don't just get it at the regular grocery store. Have cantaloupe, honeydew, and watermelon chunks available in the fridge in small baggies so the kids can grab one on the go.

  • Try putting a little cinnamon on apple slices - have them cold or, in the evenings, heat them in the microwave.

  • Celery sticks with cream cheese and raisins is called "ants on a log."

  • Peanut butter balls (dried milk, honey, peanut butter, raisins) We like these frozen.

  • Trail mix - again, have it available in little baggies so they can grab it quickly.

  • Mini boxes of raisins.

  • Cute little cheeses.

  • Pudding - store bought or make your own.

  • Custard in little cups.

  • Peanuts in shells!

  • And then there are all the great frozen treats:

  • chunks of banana dipped in melted chocolate or caramel and rolled in

  • coconut - this is just SO good - thin the chocolate or caramel so it is just a thin coating.

  • juice frozen in ice cube trays

  • and our all-time most favorite never-get-tired-of-it treat is FROZEN GRAPES!!!! These are BETTER than candy!



Joyfully Rejoycing
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