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The Unschooling Toolbox

96 unschooling ideas to help you focus on joy, peace and support



$10 inside and outside the US

Price includes postage.



1 magnet

48 double-sided cards printed on cardstock. (96 sayings.)

(Available in English, bilingual Portuguese and Spanish)


Don't forget to include your ADDRESS. And NAME!


(Sometimes PayPal account names are different than yours.) (If you aren't familiar with sending money to an email address, PayPal explains how here.)


My Paypal address is:


JFETTEROLL at VERIZON dot NET  <-- I'm not picky but PayPal likes all the T's and L's in jfetteroll to be there. ;-)


Or Check (or cash even!) ... You can send to:

Joyce Fetteroll

929 Shaker Road, Unit 5

Westfield, MA 01085


Thanks! :-)





Joyfully Rejoycing
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