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"What, no school today?" and other pesky questions.

"Why aren't you in school today?"


Paige H.

"Because the sun is shining!"



People we don't know ask my daughter what she did at home for school today.


Deb Lewis

They're not singling you out. <g> People who don't really know what to say to kids ask about school. Public school kids get it all the time. "What did you do in school today?" or "What did you learn in school today?" or "What's your favorite subject?"


Lots of adults, lots and lots of adults don't think about kids lives as interesting or important. What they know is kids go to school. So, they ask about school.


One thing helped Dylan answer questions. He took their queries about school or learning or favorite subjects to mean "What are you doing these days?" or "What are you interested in these days?" Then he could answer, "trains, dinosaurs, kites, origami, swimming, karate,..." whatever he was having fun with.


Many times a questioner would get excited about Dylan's interest and was then able to converse like a real person. <g>



What curriculum do you use?



I always just say "We follow her interests." Then maybe your daughter can come up with a list of things that interest her to be prepared.


Kathryn Baptista

I used to like to tell people when they asked about curriculum that we were doing Multicultural Vocational Training -- we were going to teach him to ask "Do you want fries with that?" in thirteen languages. It tended to break the ice and make people laugh, and they were much more receptive to hearing what our lives were REALLY like.



Joyfully Rejoycing
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