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Unschooling and parenting topics

Growing kids into decent human beings. And keeping them alive while you do it.
The essence of shifting toward being your child's partner and becoming a better person in the process!
Helping kids grow into whole, healthy, respectful people by practicing the values you hope to pass on.

(Images from Lilibet Circus Child.)

Lists of practical ways that unschoolers have found to put these philosphical ideas into practice.
The most helpful first step can be replacing thoughts about correcting behavior with helping your child make more thoughtful choices.
Do unschoolers make their kids do chores? Or does Mom have to do everything? Or might there be a third option that nurtures helpfulness?
This is all the parenting questions in a big long scrollable list. On the old site these were down the right side of each page.
Joyfully Rejoycing
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